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Pattaya Massage Parlours
Pattaya Massage Parlour

Massages are a long standing and exceedingly popular tradition in Thailand. In fact, the popularity of various massages is constantly growing. A good massage not only reduces fatigue, refreshes and stimulates emotionally, but also improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, dwindles away anxiety and helps you to sleep better. Massage is a perfect elixir for good health, both physiological and psychological alike.

In addition to the renowned and prevalent Thai traditional physical massage, there are numerous kinds of somatic massage therapy for distinct body parts: head, neck and shoulder massage, facial treatments, feet reflexology and so forth. As cited in the topic On the Beach, these relaxing physical massages (no hanky-panky) along with beauty salon services: manicure, pedicure, hairdo and the like... soon you'll be able to order into your hotel room at most affordable prices.

Body Rejuvenation
Thai massage
Traditional Thai Massage

One of the basic concepts of Thai massage is the continuous flow of sequential movements that prepares the next step in massage routine, while maintaining the slow and uninterrupted rhythm. Thai massage is typically performed on a floor mat enabling practitioners the ability to use their body weight and to incorporate the many movements that wouldn't be possible on massage table. Correct body positioning and posture control during massage are of vital importance in order to avoid an injury, especially to the back. Lying supine, prone, on either side, and sitting are the basic positions of Thai traditional body massage.

Today, physical massage shops are literally everywhere, even in major branches of supermarket chains like Tesco Lotus, Carrefour and Makro. As opposed to physical massage shops, massage parlours offer you a lot more than just relaxation of your muscles. There are plenty of massages, Turkish baths, saunas and health spas all over Pattaya and preeminently in Bangkok. Some offer physical massage therapies, others, mainly soapy massage parlours, are erotic in nature.

Massage Girls
Massage Girls Ready for Action

Typical physical massage is a modest and unpretentious business. On the other hand, the top body massage parlours on the outside resembling a high-class respectful esteblishments with the glamorous facade and door guards in fancy dress. Once entering the parlor premises, inside the large hall (known as the fish-bowl) you will find dozens of attractive and elegantly dressed girls sitting behind the large shop-window vying for your attention. They are offering a so-called soapy body-to-body massage, all-time special sensual relaxation.

Massage Parlour Girls
Massage Parlour Girls Behind the Fish-Bowl Glass

Picking the right girl is probably the most pivotal part in this ultimate recreational experience. While trying to choose your masseuse don't rush. Every girl is badged with the number. House's mama-san is always close at hand to assist you in making a wise choice. You may walk along the shop-window, take a rest in the lounge area, or even invite a girl that takes your fancy for a drink and have a small chat to get more comfortable and cozy before being intimate.

Massage Parlour
Massage Parlour Private Room

Performance Sequence: Entrée Phase, Culmination Point and Finale

Once inside the room, the girl will fill the bathtub with hot water, undress you and herself, and lay you in the tub to give you a thorough cleaning turning you over as necessary. After the shower, she will dry you off, and then, put you over to the rubber mat for the sensual soapy part. Your masseuse will now instruct you to lie on your front. She will first soap herself using aromatic liquid soap or oil, and then, she will proceed to soap you all over, this time sliding her body up and down yours, wrapping herself around your body. Turn onto your back, and she will continue the same heavenly process down your front. Charged with mind-boggling emotions and barely catching one's breath, she’ll now dry you off again and guide you to the bed for the finale...

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Apropos body-to-body soapy massages:
• a good "soapie" massage is an experience that by all odds will induce the long lasting memories
• as pitiful as it may be for some ladies, this kind of massage is intended for men or couples only.

Massage Parlours in Pattaya Thailand

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