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Sexy Student Uniforms – Girls Outfits

Thailand university uniforms for girls consist of a short-sleeve white blouse and a short black skirt. Student uniforms in Thailand has been a sensitive topic of public discussion since the get-go, as they are regarded as "too sexy" (so they say). The subject attracted public attention once again when the Thai girl iniform were found to be the world's sexiest student uniform, based on an online survey publicized in Japanese media at the beginning of 2011.

Thai university student

Just in 2009, top two Thailand universities Chulalongkorn (CU) and Thammasat (TU) engaged in social clampdown campaign to tackle the issue of uniform's code and how the outfits are worn. They asked students to dress more modestly trying to prevent female students from wearing provocative mini-skirts and tight white shirts. So tight in the bust that they seem to challenge the strength of both fabric and buttons (so they say).

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Cultural Appropriateness and Natural Instincts

The girls, on the other hand, are trying to exercise and exhibit their skills and abilities in following the fashion trends. Such is a common habit among those going into adulthood. To distinguish themselves from their younger sisters and to make them look more attractive, students often modify their iniforms (stretching the dress code to its limit) making the skirt shorter and the shirt tighter. The pretty ones favor a very short revealing skirt and a slim-fit blouse that allow parts of their body to be easily seen.

Thai students uniforms
Thai Students in Black & White

As The Song Said: "Let It Be!"

The girl - Thai university student

The girls just like flowers that need to attract the bees, birds, etc.,
in order to see to it that their species will survive.

Thai sexy student

Utterly young sexy university girls with mind-inspiring dress habits.
Let them be. Soon enough they will be married (& divorced),
have children and be bogged-down by life in general.

Less Is More

Although there are rules governing student uniforms in Thailand universities, educational institutes themselves are partly to blame (so they say). Many have made their student uniforms more flashy in hopes to attract more students to enroll. The practice is, unsurprisingly, prevalent among business and vocational schools. Sadly enough, for some schools, academic excellence or the quality of teaching does not seem to be their primary focus anymore.

Thai girls students
University students outfits

Should university and college students in Thailand wear uniforms? Or should they be scrapped altogether? Is the high school dress code in 21st century a help or a hindrance to Thai society? For the time being, there are more questions than answers and opinions are diversely different. Perhaps, to some extent, it's one of the ways students learn to express themselves, and it makes no difference whatsoever to their formal education. Let's not forget, Thai university students are actually young adults. It's a fact.

To be continued...

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