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Regrettably, Firetalk has discontinued its operations for the time being,
and we're on the lookout for the adequate, and as the time goes by,
maybe even a better replacement of thier services.

The best so far, Internet telecommunication program Skype à±¼ uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect its users online. Skype software is free to download and it enables you to make perfect quality free phone calls to your friends in no time!
Try it out  à±¼  Call me!

To be able to talk with us (and other Netizens), get an expert advice or consultations for your travel preparations, you need a Firetalk software. In fact, this program makes possible to talk surfing throughout th4u.com. Our entire site is voice enabled, allowing you to talk to anyone in the world who is also using a Firetalk. This is just an introductory page, plus a possible meeting point for the joint Web surfing, since you can hear and speak to Netizens, who are at the same URL (Web Address), or in the same discussion group or forum.

What is the Firetalk ?       The FREE software package!

Firetalk is the Internet-based voice communication service allowing for the high-quality voice and conference calling combined with online text messaging and chat. It lets you find other Netizens and talk to them online in real-time using only a multimedia PC (speakers and a microphone) and the Internet. Firetalk's sound quality is excellent even with a 28k dial-up connection!

Firetalk allows one to talk instantly with others, you and your friends can arrange online voice meetings at specific sites, view various pages, browse collectively and discuss issues of mutual interest, and even meet new friends as you browse over the Web.

Download Firetalk, install it on your computer and use it to talk to us, to sort out any of your specific inquiries, interests, tourist info and services, various tour programs, or whatever else. To use Firetalk on the Web or in particular on our site, open Firetalk (while you're online) and click on the WWW button in the middle, under the Firetalk logo. That button actually opens your browser in a Firetalk voice-enabled mode. Use that browser to go to: www.th4u.com, or go directly to our Chat Room. The URL is: www.th4u.com/chat.htm à±¼ you may copy that link, add it to your Favorites, Bookmarks or save it somewhere, and then, paste it into the address bar of your Firetalk enabled browser when you're ready to use it.

This application is definitely another step forward in the Web development, enriching your surfing experiences and useful for live consultations: to instantly get answers to questions you may have, group discussions, round-table conferences, etc. The program also allows for online text messaging and chat with anyone who have the Firetalk installed. It could be rightfully called a new kind of the Internet live communications networks.

No more you're surfing alone with your multimedia computer!
Invite Your Friends for Joint Surfing!
Hopefully, you've already seen our special Vacation Offering,
so invite them to be your travel partners.

To catch me on the Net, look for a user Firetalk ID number: 325204, nickname: MikeWill.
My name is Michael Willion, a founder of Thailand for YOU. Here is my Introduction.
Now it's possible to communicate via email, Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, and so forth.

Just keep in mind, we all are slaves to Time!Check World Times!

Shortly we'll announce a timetable for round-table discussions involving various issues of traveling to Thailand, as well as a schedule of prearranged sessions.

We look forward to talk to you soon. Till then, farewell.

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