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Introduction of the Thailand for YOU website founder

  My name is Michael Willion. I am the founder and owner of the Website called Thailand for YOU – www.th4u.com.  I assume full responsibility for the site content and the quality of products and services we provide.

  While I take credit (and criticism) for the travel and country information and my thoughts and observations illustrated by the authentic Thai scene photos and movie clips, it would be proper to begin my welcome message with a brief personal introduction. So, here is my story...

Thailand MapBeing fond of traveling, I have traveled to countless places all over the world. Long ago in 1982, I visited Thailand for the first time. During that rather brief one month-long visit, traveling from east to west and north to south, this mysterious and exotic kingdom revealed to me a whole new and exciting world with some great out of the way places with the quaint oriental lifestyle, a steaming beauty of its unspoiled countryside, quiet riversides and streaming waterfalls, superb beaches, a delicious Thai Cuisine, an incredible array of tasty and exotic Tropical Fruits, the delights of sizzling Nightlife Festivities, and ultimately, the kind and generous nature of Thai People.

Not sure, who said: "To the western mind, Thailand offers a stimulus to the imagination as profound as Thai cuisine subtle expansion of our taste range" - but it couldn't be more true.

Buddhism Thai religionTo me as a tourist at that time, Thailand was the kingdom of prospects and pitfalls that fulfilled my most intimate fantasies, be it in the comfortable resorts, tropical gardens, or in wild jungles, on splendid sunny beaches, for sea or rivers' trips, during days and nights bristling with excitements. Everything a traveler might just dream of and more. I was so enchanted that it didn't take me long to come back and become a willing "prisoner" of the Thai kingdom, by heartily marrying a charming Thai girl.

Thai legend. Traveling in ThailandDuring my first years in the Land of Smiles, I lived in Pattaya, Thailand's favorite beach resort, which is where I started receiving my friends, and then friends of friends and guests. That way, learning the country and travel business from the ground up. Eventually, I relocated to Bangkok, wherein 1989, have founded a private Thai company TIGAR Co, Ltd, primarily specializing in the reception of individual and group travelers in Thailand, and also, in the exports of Thai goods.

Despite the regrettable fact that my Thai skills are still quite poor, my efforts have been aided by being fluent in 3 languages: English, Russian, and Hebrew. Also, plenty of personal traveling experiences on my own and with travel groups, plus a considerable knowledge of Thailand, all of which laid a foundation for the business related to tourism and hospitality. Besides, being involved with tourists, showing the venues I enjoy, and sharing my Thai experiences, gives me a lot of satisfaction. Many of our guests have become my good friends. Hopefully, this Website will help in making new ones.

Since graduation, I have been thrilled by computers and I.T. technologies, which served as my hobby. Having more than a decade's worth of experience in the reception of tourists in Thailand, brought up the thought of extending a helping hand to assist visitors in discovering what this amazing kingdom is about. That's how I got an aspiration to hit the books and to design the Website, to promote the authentic Oriental kingdom as a truly exotic and amazing destination for unforgettable holidays, tours, and vacations.

It takes hard work throughout a long time to transform ideas into a quality presentation, as the Web is a relatively new, though rapidly expanding media. At its present state, the Web is still to a great extent bounded by the issues of reliability and technical limitations.

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On this occasion, I would like to express my views on the Web media, which ain't just extended communication alternatives, either visual or spoken, but in fact, unfolded new ways to engage people from faraway places, allowing one to interact with the other. Albeit the fact that Web makes it easy to hide behind any mask, I've decided to post my photo (see above), so that my acquaintances may recognize me, despite lost face is on the line. Therefore, while willing to accept criticism, it would be my privilege to encourage you to express your opinion in our Guestbook, so to avoid making things up, as at times, seems to happen these days. Have you given a thought to the possibility that some sites have been pulling strings?

All in all, th4u.com is designed for travellers by people who treasure Thailand and love to travel.

The design of our website should be considered a work in progress, as we constantly trying to improve, add more features, and utilize newly developed Web applications. The actual content of the site is made by a combination of HTML, DHTML (dynamic HTML), Java, CGI, PHP and other scripts, JavaScript, Shockwave, and other technologies. The site is viewable by all common browsers but it is best viewed and functioned on the newest browsers with Java Software and Shockwave plug-in installed. Come back with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to see the difference. To utilize all the website's features, both Java and JavaScript must be enabled in the browser's preferences.

If you need knowledgeable and reliable webmasters, review our WebMaster Services.
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Well, it's been my pleasure to welcome you to our website Thailand for YOU – www.th4u.com. Hopefully soon, we will have a chance to greet you as our guests in Thailand. Till then, farewell.

Michael Willion  

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