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As of 28th September 2006, the Don Muang Airport is officially closed and replaced by
the Suvarnabhumi Airport – Airport code BKK
For detailed information and photos of the new Bangkok Airport click on the link above.


On 24th March 2007 the Don Muang Airport reopened for local flights – Airport code DMK

Need to check the time of departing or arriving flights,
just use the Flight Status widget...

Click on the following link if you need information on
Real-Time Status of Flights Arriving To and Departing From Bangkok

After a peaceful landing, get off your plain and walk to the terminal where your flight has
landed. Don Muang Airport has 2 terminals, and in both a basic procedure is identical.

Meeting at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok Thailand
Arrival in Thailand
Click here, to see a scheme of a Meeting Point at Terminal # 2.

After getting off the plain, walk to the Passport Control counters where Thai Immigration authorities will check your passport and visa, if you're required to have one. Otherwise, the visa on arrival will be stamped in your passport. During the flight you have probably filled out the Immigration form (Custom Declaration form has been discarded in 2004). Get your passport and that Immigration form ready to present them at the Immigration counter. If the line of passengers isn't too long, this process takes just few minutes and you'll get your passport back with the stamped Immigration card attached. Keep them safe, you'll not need your passport until the check-in at the hotel, unless you intend to withdraw money from your traveller's check. Be advised, the exchange rates in banks inside the Airport are less favorable than in town.

Fiancee visa for Thai girls
Information and Visa Application Inquiries

Now, you are already in the Kingdom of Thailand. Walk or take an escalator downstairs to the baggage claim hall where you can pick up your luggage, if any. There are also Duty Free and some other shops. Next, proceed to the Customs Control counters, which are also in that hall. If you have nothing to declare, pass through one of the green-light lines and you will be entering into the Meeting Hall, right behind large sliding doors. No matter whether your flight landed in Terminal 1 or 2, as you're entering into the Meeting Hall, turn to your right and walk to the Meeting Point. There you will see our representative among many people awaiting for arriving passengers and showing their banners and signs.

Look out for our banner Thailand for YOU, and your names will be displayed as well.
In any case, to contact us at the Airport, just call this mobile phone # 081 812 9010.

Bangkok Don Muang International Airport
171 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10210, Thailand
Bangkok International Airport

Else, if your flight lands in any other Airport in Thailand, the proceedings are identical
and since they are less crowded, it is quite easy to find the Meeting Point there.

For further info, take a look at the Travel Preparations title and do not hesitate to
Contact Us with any of your questions or clarifications.
We look forward to greeting you at the Thailand Airport soon!

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