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th4u.com is a travel-oriented Website designated to provide travelers to Thailand with tourist information and background knowledge focused on Thailand, Thai people's heritage, culture, and traditions. To assist visitors in their Travel Preparations, the site features lots of illustrations, photos, pictures, MPEG movie clips along with our thoughts and observations. It covers a host of travel and hospitality services, including our specialty all-inclusive fun-filled Vacation Package to Bangkok & Pattaya – truly exotic and comfortable at the same time.

All pages on the site are structured similarly to each other in order to provide an easy access to the various site's titles, and the list of titles is still growing. At the bottom of each page you should notice a JavaScript navigation menu (inside a red color rectangular) with the text:

"Click here to choose the title to go to:" (see below)

Click on it to open that menu, then scroll through to choose a title you want to go to, and simply click on the title of your choice to be taken to its content. To get to the Web site's main entrance (a.k.a. "Homepage"), just click on the link entitled Home at the top, or click on th4u.com logo located at the bottom of almost every page. You may also use the split Navigation Menu. The link to it is just above the JavaScript menu.

When hovering with the mouse over the pages, you will see that the mouse pointer changes its shape while passing over different page elements, especially the links, which are normally marked with special colors for links. Simply click with your mouse on any link to access its content. The same actually when clicking on graphics, banners or buttons, although the mouse pointer normally does not indicate them, as well as some other accessible page elements.

On the page entitled Outline, you'll find the Website internal links with descriptions to almost every title on our site, as an alternative way to navigate to various site's titles.

Some links will automatically open your browser's small pop-up window with some special content. After you have finished reading, view the content of each pop-up window, just don't forget to close it, and continue surfing.

To navigate through the site, you may also use your browser's Back and Forward buttons, as well as the Stop or Refresh/Reload buttons. Besides, use your mouse and try clicking right and/or left mouse buttons, as well as hover with your cursor (pointer) over the page to see what happens.

Introduction to Web Forms

Actually, the Web Forms are used as an interface to establish communications between you and us (Website operators), similar to an E-mail. Website operators opt to use Web Forms since they support extra security measures, allow for an increased guidance to essential information, and provide options to automate the process of collecting, arranging and processing the data.

Forms usually contain various input fields, which you should fill-in with a text using your keyboard as you normally do in any word processing application. But first, you'll need to get the focus on that specific field, which you do by clicking on it with your mouse. Or using your mouse, you make a selection from the drop-down lists of available options – simply by clicking on the desired option. And don't afraid to experiment, even if something that you wouldn't anticipate happens, you can always click on the Reset button, to bring the form back to its initial stage.

Now, some input fields of the Web Form are optional, others are required, and you must fill-in, select, check or click those mandatory input fields in order to successfully submit (send to us) your data by simply clicking on the corresponding button, which is commonly located at the bottom of the Form. After you have clicked on the Submit or Send button, be patient, since it normally takes a while to check and process the data. Finally, you'll be presented with a page confirming your submission.

That's all about our site navigation and the use of Web Forms – quite simple, isn't it?
Enjoy surfing!

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