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This ideal beach resort casts its own light on the mysterious and fascinating Orient
rewarding visitors with the long-lasting memories to cherish. Its festive nature and
joyful atmosphere makes it a synonym for exotic carnivals and fun holidays.
A must vacation spot for singles, couples and families with children alike.

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Our concise yet thorough observations on Pattaya cover the following topics:
OverviewOn the BeachOrientation & TransportDiningBars & Clubs
At NightShoppingClime & ClothingTournamentsMassage Parlours
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Pattaya Overview
Getting here is half the fun!

Welcome to Pattaya CityPattaya City is nestled along a picturesque bay on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand roughly 160 kilometers (two-hour drive) southeast of Bangkok. From a fishing village in the 60's, Pattaya has emerged as the favorite Southeast Asian vacation spot, at all times sunny beach resort in particular admired by Europeans. A fascinating escape where pleasure-seeking tourists, holiday-makers from around the world unfold an incomparable array of possibilities to unwind during exotic holiday on much fun and comfortable beach vacations.

Sunshine, Sea, Beaches, Banana and Palmtrees, Watersports, Parachute, Bowling, Snooker, Golf, Massage, Relaxation, Nightlife, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Discos, all kinds of Day and Night Shows and so much more...
non-stop all-year-around.

Pattaya integrates the delights of first-class beach resort and city-like dining, shopping and night entertainment facilities... [ MORE ]

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Pattaya Thailand

On the Beach - Sun & Fun

Showcase distinguishing specifics of the Thailand beaches.

The populated beach areas in Thailand are divided into sections and the owner (usually families) of each lot is responsible for its operation, much the same as in restaurants. The beaches are actually free, but you will be charged for the services you bought. The charge is half a dollar or so per chair, though haggling is rather customary in Thailand Sun & Fun

Jomtien beach in PattayaRelaxing and having fun is what a holiday is all about, and beaches of Pattaya, the Jomtien beach in particular, give you the perfect setting to do just that. Until sunset (leisure time), fellow holiday-makers are on charming and hospitable Jomtien beach resting on reclining chairs with small tables and large umbrellas around. Some prefer on the golden sand close to the ocean, most favor a bit farther back in the shade of nearby trees... [ MORE ]

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Pattaya Thailand

Orientation and Transport in Pattaya

Jeep for rentOrientation in Pattaya is quite simple. It divided into North, Central, South and Jomtien. Worthy of notice a small mountain with the gold paint statue of Big Buddha, known as Big Buddha Hill, strategically located between South Pattaya and Jomtien. Being shaped as a cape separating Jomtien beach from South Pattaya, it houses a number of prominent hotels. Take a look at the Map of Pattaya, which is rather detailed, provides plenty of tourist information and will help you find your way around (but takes some time to load).

This compact city consists of three major roads which are parallel to each other. Right along the beach, few kilometers long runs the Beach Road, a one-way drive from north to south. In a 100 or so meters distance is the Second Road carrying the transport... [ MORE ]

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Pattaya Thailand

Dining in Pattaya

Thai cookingOne of most pleasant activities to enjoy in Pattaya is dining, especially for those who take delight in the seafood: many kinds of fish, lobsters, shrimp, crabs, oysters, squids, among tons of other marine delicacies. All are fresh and alive just from the ocean displayed on ice in front of the topnotch seafood restaurants, looking as it was meant for a king! Vendors invite you to choose any style you like to prepare the seafood, actually the same as with beef, pork, chicken and so forth. A wide variety and excellent quality of vegetables, mushrooms, sauces and spices along with boiled or "sticky" rice are always at hand. Dozens of food-stands mushrooming around the night spots are serving far after midnight. Hundreds of restaurants, variety of styles, some with dancing and live music, offering a selection of flavors to satisfy any taste. Popular American fast-food networks catering hamburgers, fried chicken, steaks and pasta. Restaurants of virtually any Asian and European cuisine are found in Pattaya including German, Italian, French, Swiss, Russian, Belgian, Arab, Muslim, Indian, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Still, the Thai cuisine and seafood cooked in Thai style are likely the best. Traditional Thai restaurants offer not only the tastefully prepared food, but it goes along with a pleasant ambience with Thai folk music and dancing. Guests are invited to take off the shoes, to be seated on a wooden floor leaning on special cushions and are served as kings! Be assured that sweet memories of nights spent in such places will last.

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Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Bars and Clubs

Vacations in PattayaThere are so many different kinds and such a diversity of bars and clubs that they literally represent the way of life in Pattaya. Beer bars offering an excellent Thai and other famous brands of beer, cocktails and whiskey, brandy and other spirits. Some bars are opened, some are air-conditioned, furnished with the big screen TV's and videos, some entertaining visitors with live jazz or disco music, others toying with the snooker, billiard, backgammon, domino, an assortment of electronic games and more! Day-and-night, black-and-white, boys-and-girls, and so on and on! Bars, Bars all over, some are even rotating to attract more visitors. The so called GOGO Bars, where in addition to the drinks and disco music, you'll be entertained by lovely bikini or topless dancing girls. In a way, some of these bars are indeed cool and fun. You may spot erotic show bars, bars presenting Thai-boxing, snakes and other exotic shows, and then, the wonderworking illicit night-show action bars and stage performance theaters that disallow photo cameras inside... There are virtually thousands of bars and clubs, some serving lunches and luncheons, others offering drinks and entertainment, almost all are full of visitors interacting with delightful bar girls, who attend to entertain their guests in intuitively marvelous ways.

Traveler beware!
Albeit the fact that Thais like to gamble, gambling as well as prostitution are illegal by the Thai law. Although, some laws are blatant and ignored.
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Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya At Night

Thai nightlifeThe variety of nighttime activities continuing until dawn is so wide that every person would easily find diversions appealing to the individual taste and mood. Most likely any fantasy can be fulfilled, especially after sunset. After dark, the extension of Beach Road in South Pattaya turns into a promenade, transforming into a hottest nightspot. A hunting ground beaming with neon lights and music, where fellow holiday-makers youth and aged alike, find an endless array of dining, shopping and entertainment establishments. One can't overlook Pattaya's disco. Discos ain't just a dance palace, but more of a hi-tech extravaganza filled with flashing lights, trendy music, chic girls and fun loving crowds. Pattaya is famous for its incredible nightlife activities, and South Pattaya is the jewel in its crown outshining the rest with an incredible menu of excitements to see and do. One can enjoy Thai-boxing or some gloaming erotic shows, a wide variety of bars, clubs, discos, theaters, luring shops, restaurants, massage parlous and other pleasure establishments, side-by-side with all kinds of shopping. The only required skill is the time management, so one can experience all the wonders and be on time for what is next.

To be able to behave with finesse in delicate situations, check out some basic facts, practical observations and "expert thoughts" on the vital aspects related to Thai nightlife festivities, click on Nightlife, Tough Ladies and More... And don't miss to take on these gorgeous Thai Ladies for your viewing enjoyment.

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Pattaya Thailand

Shopping in Pattaya

Pattaya shoppingShopping in Pattaya is never-ending and it's everywhere: on the way in and out, on beaches and sidewalks, at daytime and at night. When one shop closes, others open instead making it appear, as if you are being followed and not only by hucksters. Thousands of shops, big, small, modern or modest, department stores, supermarkets, street vendors and markets literally selling anything including beverage, food and fruit, flowers and even bonsai and orchid plants. Tailor shops offering custom fitted clothes in just 24 hours. Thai silk and leather goods, handicrafts and decorations, gems and jewelry... side-by-side with shops selling the faux brand clothing, fake watches and other attires at great savings. Anything and everywhere: clothes, shoes, garments, underwear, bags, purses, suitcases, artificial and natural jewelry and well, you name it and most likely you will find it. Not surprisingly, shopping is the activity of choice and shops are full of visitors. Not only the prices are low, but one may easily bargain the selling price at will. The accessibility and assortment of goods found in Pattaya is really amazing. One can get the colored tattoos, or leave a photo in the painting shop and come back later to pick up your oil-paints portrait. Just beware of fakes and imitations, especially the gemstones and jewelry, some vendors (even in a reputable looking shop) and hucksters try to sell you as originals.

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Pattaya Thailand

Beach Resort Clime and Clothing

Beach resort clime and clothingAlong the golden sand of Pattaya bay, stuffed with tall coconut palms, exotic tropical plants, no matter what season, the temperature ranges 30-36C hot, but... maybe to one's surprise the feeling is actually comfortable and pleasing, virtually zero sweating, due to the low levels of humidity, I guess. A sea-water temperature wise at ~ 25C, it's especially pleasant at all times. Sunshine or even raindrop, it's still warm, just less hot, and the air is more fresh and clear. Swimming under the tropical rain in the bay of Siam is a lingering experience. For more details, refer to the titles Weather and Overview - General Info.

As in ordinarily beach resorts, almost anywhere day-and-night one can get by dressed casually: sandals, shorts, T-shirts, slacks, pants, skirts or whatever else feels easygoing. For instance, as a beach wear many Russian women love those large adorned scarfs, sold all around Pattaya. Worthy of notice that laundry prices in some hotels are well comparable to buying new clothes. Still, in the evenings some enjoy dressing up a bit, especially the ladies. It is rather common to see elegantly dressed ladies. Most western and especially Thai ladies are dressed fashionably and sexy ready for dancing and having fun in discos and nightclubs. It's entirely up to you, but in the top discos, cabaret shows or traditional Thai restaurants most visitors are dressed elegant. Shall we remind you guys to bring along your bikinis, beach or swim suits.

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Pattaya Thailand

Tournaments and Games

Backgammon tournaments in ThailandInternational backgammon tournaments of all levels, along with the snooker and other games tournaments are hosted in Thailand several times a year. Most competitions take place in Bangkok and in Pattaya. There are also nearly weekly-based snooker and billiard contests.
Fellow travelers interested to participate in these semiprofessional tournaments or contests are most welcome to contact us via Email. We will provide the invitations, information on schedule and other details including hotel accommodations. The title Events, Tournaments and Festival is coming soon.

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Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Massage Parlours

Fishbowl in Massage ParlourIn addition to the renowned and prevalent traditional Thai massage, there are numerous kinds of physical massage therapy for various parts of the body: feet reflexology, head, neck and shoulder massage, facial treatments and so forth. As mentioned in the topic On the Beach, these relaxing massages along with some of the beauty salon services, manicure, pedicure, etcetera... soon you'll be able to order into your hotel room at the most affordable prices.

Massages are a long standing and quite popular tradition in Thailand, but massage parlours, as opposed to physical massage shops, offer you a lot more than just relaxation of your muscles. There are plenty of massages, Turkish baths and saunas all over Pattaya. Some offer physical massage therapies, some other are... [ MORE ]

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Pattaya Thailand

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