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Pattaya Beach

A showcase Distinguishing Specifics of Thailand Beaches

Populated beach areas in Thailand are divided into sections and the owner (usually families) of each lot is responsible for its operation, much the same as in restaurants. The beaches are actually free, but you will be charged for the services you bought. The charge starts from half a dollar to a dollar per chair, though haggling is quite customary in Thailand. Sun & Fun

Relaxing and having fun is what a holiday is all about, and the sandy beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien Beach, in particular, give you the perfect setting to do just that. The only struggle is you can never get enough of it.

Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach Sun and Fun

Until sunset (leisure time), fellow holiday-makers are on the charming and hospitable Jomtien beach relaxing on reclining chairs with large umbrellas and small tables close at hand. Top hotels provide their guests with beach towels. Some prefer on a golden sand near the ocean, most favor a bit farther back in the shade of nearby trees. All enjoy the services of the surrounding beach restaurants or have long bargains with the local hucksters. Lots of folks walk around the beaches carrying food, fruit, drinks, ice-creams, garments, handicrafts, newspapers, and many other goods and services.

Pattaya selleers
Vendors from the North on Business in Pattaya

Have you ordered a seafood lunch (i.e. giant shrimps or king lobsters along with some cold beer), they would barbecue your lunch right in front of you and would serve it accompanied by special gravies and vegetables... Can you feel that aroma?

Some vendors offer beauty salon services, hair-dressing, manicures, pedicures, or a physical massage, relaxing your body and mind. Just look around and see how skillful they are, to ease yourself in picking out the one you like.

On the Beach
Pedicure on the Beach in Pattaya

Even if you're a king or a queen, leisure on the beach is hard work. A great deal of water sports activities are at hand: swimming, scooters, water-skiing, surf-riding, windsurfing, speedboats, parasailing, and more. Some employ themselves playing intellectual table games like cards, domino, chess, and backgammon, being the most popular among Westerners. Backgammon tourneys initiated by expats and locals in the nearby beach restaurant draw numerous participants and lots of bystanders.

Sea Scooter in Pattaya
Sea Scooter in Pattaya

It isn't unusual to see women topless, as some European ladies opt for, or in full swimsuits and bikinis, as Thai girls are accustomed to, all relaxing wallowing in the tropical sun, and getting tanned.

Those who like privacy could find some nice hideouts further south along the Jomtien beach closer to Sattahip. Also, less than an hour away by speedboat is the beautiful Samet Island (koh samet in Thai), a real getaway quiet and relaxing with crystal clear water and pristine white sand beaches.

Water sports
Water Sports

Pay attention!
There is no need to be in the sun to get tanned. It's unavoidable even in the shade.
Use sun-protective lotions and protect your skin from being nuked!

Beach Massage
Beach Massage

Apropos physical massages, just as evidence, I have often fallen napped during a session of traditional Thai massage, and when awakened, felt revived as reborn right away.

An opportunity to order Physical Massage or Beauty Salon Treatments to your hotel room will soon come online.

To be continued...

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