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Travel Documents and Tourist Visa

Travel planning and preparations are simple and easy. Start with your passport ౼ it must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Thailand. It should also have a few empty pages for visa stamps. If you intend to travel with your children, their names must be recorded in your passport, unless they have passports of their own.

Thailand tourist visa requirements solely depend on the country of residence.
The same country that issued your passport ౼ the only travel document that immigration authorities inspect on arrival and departure. Not your spouse's country
or a country where one even permanently resides, is employed, or comes from.
Hopefully, this statement cut down the number of visa questions emailed to us.

Click on the following link to check for Visa Requirements in your country.
Most accurate and valid visa information is provided by any
Royal Thai Embassy and Consulates Worldwide.
It would be wise to bring along a couple of your 2" photos for visa purposes.
One can't be too careful ౼ medical and travel Insurance shall be an integral
part of adequate travel preparations.

Travel Planning and Arrangements
Prepare yourself for just about every travel need, including dress and manners.

Eventually, one shall think of the timing when to visit Thailand, the duration of stay, places to travel to, and what to see. Hopefully, our website helps to make up one's mind. Look at the title Outline to get acquainted with the site's main points.

Bangkok Immigration Bureau has moved
The new name and address are:
Immigration Division 1
Government Complex Ratthaprasasana Phakdi Building (bldg B, South Zone),
120 Moo 3, Chaeng Wattana Road, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210.
Phone: 02 141 9889, Call Center: 1178.
Open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30 (12:00-13:00 lunch break).
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

A list of Thailand's National and Public Holidays will come in handy in your travel planning and itinerary preparations. For instance, during holidays, many of Bangkok's residents go home mainly to the northern provinces. Bangkokians also travel to national parks, beach resorts, and similar places around Bangkok. So that traffic in Bangkok lessened, but outwards, it built up. Speaking of traffic, keep in mind the rule of the road ౼ driving direction in Thailand is onward in the left lane. Refer to the Driving in Thailand title for further info on Thai-style driving habits.

Electricity in Thailand is powered at 220V, 50Hz. Adapters and voltage converters are usually available at hotels and also can be purchased at most hardware shops and department stores. The most popular electric sockets/plugs are the two-pin type with flat or round pins.

For elaborated weather conditions in major Thai cities and regions, refer to the page entitled Thailand Weather Forecast. For information on Thailand's clime and its effects on tourists, look at the title Overview - General Information. For your clothing needs, whether in cities or beach resorts, refer to the titles Bangkok and Pattaya (the links are further down the page).

As a visitor, one should always be courteous, even if one encounters a native who is not.

That's about all that is necessary, except the money, of course. It is probably a well-known fact that the currency in the kingdom of Thailand is called the Thai Baht ฿.

On The Money

Usually, one would get a better exchange rate when purchasing Thai Baht in Thailand. It would be wise to bring US dollars, British pounds, Euros, or other major currencies, which provide more secure and stable rates while exchanging to the Thai Baht at any bank or readily accessible currency exchange booth. A foreign exchange service is available at most hotels but be prepared to pay a premium as high as 10% or more. Currency exchange traders offer more favorable rates. International credit cards issued by established banks are generally recognized as well. ATMs are commonly available in Thailand. Thai ATMs use 4-digit PINs. Traveler's cheques are widely accepted, but to cash them, one should carry a passport.

Banknotes of Thai Baht ฿
Thailand money

10 BahtThai Baht20 BahtThai Baht
10 Baht20 Baht
50 BahtThai Baht100 BahtThai Baht
50 Baht100 Baht
500 BahtThai Baht1000 BahtThai Baht
500 Baht1000 Baht
Traval Thailand

Apropos Thailand money, click on the banknote's thumbnail Thai Banknote of 1000 Baht to see its original size. Not so long ago, newly designed banknotes enrolled in the market, and in effect, both new and old are in circulation. Try out this Currency Calculator to check the exchange rates from various currencies to Thai Baht ฿.

For actual rates in Thailand click on Thai Baht Current Exchange Rates in Bangkok Bank.

Thai Baht Exchange Rates

For the Attention of Budget Travelers!

Thailand is an inexpensive country for visitors the world over. As a piece of evidence, just take a look at our bargain-priced Vacation Package to Bangkok and Pattaya. Going into the real bargain, the cheapest guesthouses in Bangkok are less than US$25.00 per room per night, refer to the Khao San Road title. Among other things, keep one's eyes skinned to some bizarre characters found in that backpacker's paradise, and at the same time, don't overlook the unrivaled dining and shopping opportunities. Khao San Road probably played a vital role in selecting Bangkok Thailand, as the most traveler-friendly city in Southeast Asia for deluxe-style visitors on the high hills as well as for backpackers on a shoestring.

However, no matter how cheap it is, bear in mind that Thailand offers lots of marvels and tempting enchantments to strive for, with surprises and delights around every corner, and ultimately, everything has its cost. Not once I'd heard complaints from the first-time visitors:

"...we've been told that everything in Thailand is so cheap, but...
  nobody told us how many of these things there are! "  

It shows how uncomfortable one would feel when forced to impose un-wished limits on spending and thus on pleasure, especially while on vacation, due to lousy planning and preparations.

As a rough indication, it should be fairly easy for a couple to get by eating in the restaurants and traveling by taxi at US$35-50 or so a day. And it would be even less outside of Bangkok and other major tourist destinations, like Pattaya or Phuket.

Of course, all bets are off if you plan to engage in the night entertainment activities. Nightclubs and other nighttime diversion venues visited by throngs of tourists ain't exactly reconcilable with budgetary considerations. Simply put, the nightlife throughout Thailand is legendary due to the beauty and cheerful attitude of Thai girls.

Information and Visa Application Inquiries

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