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Here, at www.th4u.com website, called Thailand for YOU, jointly with our partners and affiliates Thai Sweetheat Club, and Thai Fiancée Visa, and our sponsor TIGAR Co., Ltd., we are compelled to provide various products, services, and information, not taking it. The site is entirely created, operated, and maintained by our local team of experts in the respective Web, and Travel & Hospitality related fields, headed by the website founder and owner Mr. Michael Willion.

Being a firm believer in the rules of 'Netiquette', it is our promise that the personal information about the users of this website will never be sold, shared, or distributed to any third party. In fact, any details even when only used in-house are restricted, as it is set out in this website privacy document.

Particulars such as the names, contact details, and email addresses are never collected without consent. And when the visitors use the contact or web application forms on our website and provide an email address or other contact or personal details, these details are used strictly to respond to specific enquiries. If you wish to be contacted for some reason, such as a request for products, services, info or updates, you have specifically asked.

To stipulate a more convenient surfing experience throughout our website, we do utilize interim cookies to track the URL of the web page that referred you to this website (if any), the date and timing of that referral and subsequent visits, the number of clicks to the assorted pages, your operating system and Web browser type, and similar data. No sensitive personal information is collected by our cookies.

Acting as a publisher website, in addition to contextual and placement-targeted advertisements, we may display various advertising and promotional ads generated by Google's AdSense and other third party interest-based advertising vendors. Users browsing the Web will benefit from the additional relevancy that interest-based ads can provide. These companies including Google use cookies to serve ads suitable for different websites and reach the right audience.

When users visit an AdSense publisher's website and either view or click on an ad, a cookie may be dropped on that end user's browser. No sensitive personally identifiable data is collected by these cookies: no names, addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers. The information collected by these cookies is utilised for online preference marketing to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to a specific visitor.

As with many websites, the logs of the site are periodically examined, and the data within those records regarding visits and referrals, including the server logs of visitor's IP addresses, is used to fine-tune the site promotion, and at times, on a broad basis, as the foundation to further enhance and develop the website. At no time will personally identifying information from the log files be sought or used. Unless, it is required to prevent the illegitimate or unlawful activities of the Web scammers, undermining the proper operation or trying to inflict damage to the well-being of the website.

Should you have any further concerns regarding your privacy on our website, please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or clarifications.

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