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Thai Courtesans: Bargirls, Bimbos, and Bitches

Adapted from Bangkok Diaries

Terms and Definitions


Thai Bargirls

A generic term for Thai girls who are employed at, or provide adult services from beer bars, Go-Go bars, G Clubs, karaoke bars, freelancer outlets, hotel coffee shops, discotheques, and nightclubs. A bar girl can quite often run through the whole gamut of the above-listed work scenarios during her time in the profession. There are full-timers and part-timers. Some have normal daytime jobs but supplement their incomes by hanging out at freelancer venues and nightclubs in the evenings and on weekends. The less educated ones (with just basic English language skills) tend to stick to the beer gardens, Go-Go bars, massages, and other adult business establishments frequented mainly by locals, while those with better language skills tend to move into the freelancer venues.


Thai Bimbos

By contrast, a bimbo is a hotter-looking bargirl, normally from a Go-Go bar, who's struck it rich by bagging a wealthy sponsor. A bimbo is a paid, or kept, piece of fluff that generally does nothing except spend the money she collects every month from her sponsor(s). Bimbos are bordering on being completely useless and are only on the payroll of the rich sponsor for their sexual skills and appearance. They are frequently seen hanging out at nightclubs, buying drinks for their gaggle of useless mates, and eyeing up young farangs for a horizontal liaison. Bimbos are often bitches, and bitches, more often than not, want to be bimbos. The common thing linking them is laziness.


Thai Bitches

A bitch typically is a seductive-looking bargirl/freelancer/Go-Go dancer that develops an attitude derived from her popularity. Bitches can be found right across the full spectrum of the adult services industry. They are normally hotties with slim figures, silicone boobs, and inflated egos. A bitch can be anything from an ordinary Go-Go dancer to a high-end freelancer. Bitches are commonly recognized bimbos, but they can also be an educated hi-so type with their own business or well-paid employment. More often than not, some get some serious income streams from a string of sponsors around the world.

Thai Bitches

Something Gotta Give

"Dear Buddha, if I actually make it to the departure hall, in one piece,
I promise I'll change my hedonistic ways."

It seems such an easy thing to do; go to a bar or freelancer venue, pick up a girl, shag them senseless, and then pay them off afterward. Paying for sex, too often though, begins to eat into the hard-earned cash reserves. Then again, sounds like someone is jaded and had his heart broken. There's gotta be a better way to go, one thinks...

They will stare at you... all the bargirls have that special look and smile to entice a reaction out of you. From Bangkok to Baku, you see it in the eyes of all these working girls. It's a look that, at first, seems innately inviting. It's a look that says: "I can be whatever you want me to be, and I can tell you whatever you want to hear ౼ including handsome man ౼ for a price." It makes clear, she is a total professional in her trade.

The vast majority of ladies working in the pay-for-pleasure industry come from a certain well-known area of the country. Trawl up and down Sukhumvit Road (in Bangkok), Walking Street (in South Pattaya), and Soi Bangla (Patong Beach in Phuket) and you'll see that ninety-five percent of them are from Isaan. There seems to be a certain mindset about these ladies that predisposes them to sell sex for money.

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The general attitude of almost all of them is that doing as little as possible for maximum gain is an ideal way to go through life. For every single one of them, it's the same M.O. ౼ "I need someone take care me and my family." Which, loosely translated, means they want a sucker to provide for them and their families into perpetuity.

For all of them, it's far simpler to find a provider to leach off than to actually try and use their own honest efforts to make their way in this world. Even the so-called good ones, the ones working in normal jobs, have the same brainwashed concept of providing for their families bred into them; a foreigner is seen as some kind of economic salvation.

A good girl might offer you a level of honesty you would never expect to see with a bargirl, but having said that, you're still dealing with the same baseline: "I need someone take care me and my Thai family (parents in particular)."

Go onto any of the Internet dating sites, and what you'll find is a never-ending supply of Thai ladies from the Northeast looking for "a nice man take care of me." In their world, "take care" is all about someone providing them with financial support. For the vast majority of girls from a poor rural background, a farang (westerner in Thai) is a fast track to a financial leg up in life.

One would think that, once they've hooked themselves on a financial savior, they might show a bit of humility and be eternally grateful for the fact that you're improving their poverty-ridden, shitty little lives. The Isaan mindset doesn't see it that way, though. It's almost as though they've got some pre-ordained right to relieve you of your cash as if you're a walking ATM.

Within a short space of time, they develop an attitude that comes about through a combination of the fact that they gain from being able to show everyone that they've dragged themselves out of the gutter and the child's emotional maturity level that most of them have. "If the man wants a sexy lady he has to pay." The idea that they should be grateful or show some humility never enters their heads.

The nonsense of all the trickery and deceit of Thai courtesans becomes monotonous, though. They would like to be good and decent, but they can't. They're in the grip of the big paydays now. The days of a less grasping mindset are a thing of the past.

The phone calls, and she receives it on her iPhone while lying in one's bed, which makes the whole situation even more of a tragic farce: "Yes teerak (darling in Thai), I at home now. I not work bar. Yes, I miss you too." One tires of this charade quickly. But, give them their due, they are so crafty, these great little actresses.

It's chilling to see how poor and badly educated Thai girls from rural Thailand can make savvy and well-educated Western men fall in love with them and go on to do some really crazy things.

There are many attractive Thai girls who would never dare to work in a bar and who would love a wise farang guy in their arms. The odds of finding a nice Thai girl who will make a great wife are infinitely higher outside the bar industry than within it.

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