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Fiancee Visa for Thai Girls

Reputation and Expertise

No other Thailand Law Firm or bona fide Visa Service Agency has a more solid reputation, skill, and on-hand experience than the Thai Fiancée Visa. We are based in Bangkok, with Thai/American/British staff. Our practice is limited to fiancée and marriage visas for Thai ladies to the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and other European countries, along with the filing for legally binding marriages (see further down).


Full money-back guarantee if your visa petition is denied due to our failure to diligently prepare the visa package and properly execute the process on your behalf. To get the job done, we exert all viable options to the full extent, so our clients receive the visa. However, this guarantee has no effect, if while reviewing your petition, the embassy or immigration officials request some additional information, supporting documents, or records, and the client's failure to provide the records, evidence, and documents requested, or otherwise appropriately respond to the presented challenges.

Express visa

Thailand Beat

Foreign-based visa services cannot provide the same guidance for a compelling case presentation and the fast, efficient, and accurate visa document preparation as our Bangkok-based office can.

Here's why: for US or UK immigration, and similar countries, Thai girls must complete twice as many forms and supporting documents as the gentleman. All visa petition documents must be translated from Thai to English. Thai girls must provide many more valuable and credible records, undergo a physical examination, and come through a personal interview at the embassy in Bangkok. Furthermore, some embassies are now imposing a language proficiency test.

    Visa service companies based outside Thailand cannot:
  • Assist the Thai girl with preparation and understanding of the required information
  • Meet the girl face-to-face and help her with filling in the visa application forms
  • Validate and translate Thai and English documents both ways and certify them
  • Speak to the girl in her native language, encourage and revive her confidence
  • Personally coach her before the interview and accompany her to the embassy

Mission and Obligation

Being based in Bangkok enables us to personally assist the Thai girl and address all her secret concerns and hidden worries, the most important and time-consuming part of the visa application process. Some private things are even not openly discussed or made known amongst partners. You will feel better when you have someone capable of guiding your fiancée or spouse and helping her through this intimidating process.

Visa application forms, immigration laws, mandatory certificates, medical exams, compulsory vaccinations, police records, affidavits, and other terms of visa requirements are constantly evolving and changing, and we are up-to-date and fully informed. Our experience is both professional and personal.

Our service is complete, we provide a list of the necessary supporting documents and prepare all required forms from submission to interview. We translate and validate all the documents, and are qualified to certify the accuracy of translations. Thai girls must now complete over half-dozen visa forms in English. Expediently putting in order all forms, essential records, and legally certified translated documents we make the application as persuasive as possible, and without problems.

We bolster the girl's confidence while coaching her to overcome many potential pitfalls at the lady's interview, which is at the embassy here in Bangkok. And we accompany her to the embassy emphasizing her outward appearance and credible body language. The embassy interview is like the final exam that can count for 100% of your grade.

Strategy and Focus

People who do it themselves learn that if they make one mistake in completing the application for a visa, they will be required to start over and completely re-file for the visa. Not to mention, if some material records were of inadequate credibility, overlooked, or if unforeseen questions during the interview trapped a girl... This would be rather tragic when a loving couple wanted so much to be together.

Destined to Succeed

Save yourself time and emotional distress by letting visa experts prepare the documents for you with speed and efficiency. You will be together with your fiancée much sooner.

Visa Consultations
Get All Your Questions Answered

Get accurate and relevant information on visa application, have your case properly assessed, and be advised on possibilities, prospects, and the timely ordered course of action. In other words, facilitate yourself to make up your mind and the ability to make informed decisions.

We provide personal visa consultations in our office in Bangkok. Our fee is THB 8,000 for two hours. To arrange an appointment, while in Thailand call 081 812 9010.
For overseas calls, dial +66 81 812 9010 (allowed for WhatsApp & LINE apps); or email .

Marriage visa
Marriage Visa for Thai girls
Marriage in Thailand

Review the details of marriage, wedding ceremonies, and Thai rituals.
Find out:  Is it legal?  What is dowry?  How come?  And more...
Marriage visa

Clients' testimonials
Dear Mike,

We want to thank you for all your help in getting Suwanna, her fiancee visa. She is now merrily staying with me here in Hawaii.

When I first started to think of getting a visa, I learned that Thai girls must complete scores of forms and other documents, which need to be translated from Thai to English. It was clear I couldn't do it myself and couldn't even imagine who was going to do this for us.

The visa service companies I called in the US could not have helped Suwanna do the many things she needed to manage in Thailand. Not only do they have no Thai staff in their offices to translate the documents, but more importantly, I have doubts about how they could assist Suwanna all the way thru the process.

I also learned that Thai girls must go to the embassy in Bangkok at least 3 times, to get police records, physical examinations, a birth certificate, passport, family ID, house registration, etc. There is a lot of running around. And no way, she could understand and have done this all by herself.

Some told me that many applications are denied simply because of inaccuracies in translation, poorly prepared declarations could add up to lengthy delays in proceedings, or worst of all, cause the application to be rejected.

When I found your Thai company, I knew you could do the job with competence and efficiency, and provide much-needed assistance to Suwanna thru every step.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude for making Suwanna more comfortable with her embassy interview. She was so nervous about this since she knew how crucial it would be. Your guidance, reassurance, and your confidence gave her the mental strength she needed.

Thank you once again, and feel free to share this letter with anyone who finds the intricate bureaucratic red tape of the fiancee visa process daunting and intimidating.

Brian & Suwanna

Thai Fianc?e Visa
Thai Fiancée Visa

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