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Visa Legal Regulations and Minimal Requirements

To get the fiancée or spouse visa process started the petitioners should
  • be legally free to marry, or be lawfully married in case of a spouse visa application
  • have met within the two preceding years (present an evidence)
  • have a serious intention to marry during a rather short period of time within visa validity
  • have sufficient accommodations for two of you and intend to live together permanently
  • be financially secured (have enough money) to support yourselves.
  • Visa Guidelines

    No matter fiancée or spouse, both visa applications are quite involved and intricate processes, where each case is considered individually on its merit, and there are no written rules that apply in varying circumstances. On the other hand, there are several "unwritten rules" constituting preparations of persuasive visa application, which often make or break the petition success.

    And since a visa petitioning routine isn't an exact science, in order to take on a specific case, identify any apparent or obscure obstacles and vantages, advise on the most appropriate course of action, and to quote our fee, which is also varied (depending on the case complexity and ramifications), we need to know an extended range of data related to applicants biographic details, personal relations, physical and mental conditions, medical records, along with the business profile and financial standing of both petitioners, and primarily, the Thai lady.

    Simply put, we need to know who you are: your ages, health condition, education, marital and financial status, your personal assets, family records, where do you reside, and what is your occupation (i.e. business/profession/employment/study) ...

  • How long do you know each other and how close your relations are?
  • What language(s) do you communicate in?
  • Are you able and ready to sponsor your fiancée, and to subvent all her travel expenses?
  • Will it be her first travel abroad? If not, specify countries, timing and purpose of each visit
  • Are you prepared to attest your statements with supporting documents?
    And so forth...

      Needless to say that all data provided herein should be accurate to your best knowledge.
      We reserve the right to drop the case without rebate, if any stated info is misleading or false.

    How Does This Visa Inquiry Process Work?

    If you are novice to use of Web Forms, click on the following link for basic explanations. For any concern regarding your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy at the bottom. Complete this Visa Inquiry Form covering all above mentioned points as thorough as possible in the Message Area. And when ready, click on the Send Inqury button once. And then, you'll be redirected to the page confirming your submission. Simply proceed according to the instructions found on that page.

    Introduce Yourself
    Mr. Mrs. Ms.
  • Your Name
  • Email
  • must be valid & active!
  • Where From
  • city, country (state in the USA)
    Financial Status income, funds (bank savings)
    Marital Status any children you support?
    Current Location
    Additional info on your occupation, financial resources and assets, domicile conditions, also when, where and how you have first met each other, your current relations, etc. please provide in the Message Area further down.
    Thai Lady Data
    Name and nickname
    Address current location
    Home Province place of birth
    Employment current and past occupation
    Monthly Salary and/or other earnings
    Marital Status legal or common-law marriage(s)
    Any Children? who they stay with?
    Assets bank funds or property owned, etc.
    Further info on the lady's ability to communicate in foreign languages, if she has a passport, had previously applied for a visa and traveled abroad, if she is staying with her family or separately, and any other relevant details including info about her family, please specify in the Message Area.

    Message Area (please fill in all your details thoroughly)

    You may address any of your concerns or questions in the above Message Area
      All inquiries are held with strict confidentiality!  


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