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Thailand – The Land of Beautiful Women

Speaking of Thai women, the women with many faces acclaimed the world over as Oriental beauties with raven exotic eyes, black silky hair, suntanned shiny skin, and slender girlish-looking bodies. A sexy look electrifying attraction as profound as viagra stimulates men's sexual desire. Her gracious smile, even a shy one, maybe of such adventurous nature, enough to undermine one's courage. Take a look at some pics of beautiful, exotic, and sexy Thai top elite girls:

Thai beauties

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"
- Plato -

Thai Elite Ladies

Looking at their lurid faces, at the top, you will see the famous Thai artists, TV and movie stars, fashion models, and popular singers, reckoned as idols. There are also faces of the Thai teacher, doctor, executive secretary, or businesswoman, much respected in the business world. Most of these Thai ladies, if haven't been educated in the US or West European countries, graduated from prestigious Thai universities. Among other privileged elite and wealthy ladies, they are the high society. Many of the affluent ladies and top career girls are also belong to that upper class. For some, the beauty contests like Miss Thailand, Miss Bikini, or to a greater extent the renowned beauty pageants of Miss Universe and Miss World open gates to the upper classes of much hierarchical Thai society.

Not surprisingly, the university uniforms of Thai girls have recently been announced as the world's sexiest student uniforms. Have a look at charming Thai girls in Sexy Outfits.

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Different strokes for different folks is an apparent rule Thais act upon. Thai civil laws reinforced by Buddhist religion deprive women of legitimate legal rights (too complex affair to discuss it here). In most cases, Abortions in Thailand are illegal de jure. While de facto, hundreds of thousands of illegal abortions, by far too expensive for the rural folks, take place each year in the kingdom. But let's face it. It's beyond any stretch of my imagination to see the Thai Kingdom without its women. The better half of Thai society.

Splendid Merit of Thai Girls

Thai beauties

Bear in mind that already so much the underprivileged status of the decent Thai girl ain't become any cozier due to the image depicted far and wide by the demimondaines, the sexy ladies of the night, called in Thailand as "Lady Bar" or "Bar Girls", and here, at Thailand for YOU entitled as Tough Ladies. Yet, albeit all obstacles and troubles, even if at times, it seems that Thai girls are kinda carnal, too material rather than spiritual, the spirit of the Thai woman, her cheerful attitude along with the extent of sensuality and sex appeal, is alive and well, vitalizing the nation with every fiber of her being.

Young Thai girls rarely dream of being a nurse, a girls' dream is to become a lady. Social status is not easily achieved within Thai society even by beautiful and talented girls, especially in the absence of the golden spoon. A wealth and so a standing in Thai social hierarchy, which by and large reckoned by Thais in terms of money, plays a much greater role in the life of Thai women. Often showed off here as gold necklaces and jewelry, money speaks out loud in Thailand and is tightly linked with and brings in respect.

As an aside note related to luxury cars... Being hierarchically structured, and to a large extent, a class-conscious society, Thailand is the second-largest market for the Mercedes Benz cars outside Germany, with the local assembly plant in Rayong. It's just a little wonder considering that an expensive car is the most popular show of wealth in Thailand. (By the bye, take a look at the Thai Driving title.) Ironic as it may be, a beholder standing in Thai society is determined a great deal based on the outward appearance, rather than a record of virtue.

Ordinary Thai Girls

One of the obvious ways an ordinary Thai girl can reach that so much desirable status of being a lady is by marriage. Actually, it is to marry a respectful man. Click on the following link for info on the Thailand Marriage, Wedding Ceremonies, Thai Customs, Rituals, Traditions & More... that brings into focus some spiritual and practical questions:
Is it legal?   What is dowry?   How come?

Would you dare to cope with sentimental and cultural challenges of intercultural relations, with the language and other hurdles to meet with and befriend the single or otherwise uncommitted lovely Thai beauties, be it for companionship, dating, romance, long-term relations, or to find that special lady of your heart, whether you are single or divorced? Click on the links or banners below to meet these all-time genuinely charming and exotic, ethnic Thai girls, women, and ladies of all ages.

Keeping The Positive Attitude

Meet Thai girls

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