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Introduction to Nightlife in Thailand

Nightlife in ThailandIt is hard to imagine the Thai nightlife ambiance without the allure of hard-working and attractively dressed up "tough ladies". At night, you can't miss them around entertainment spots all over Thailand, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya. They are an integral part of the Thai nightlife entertainment environment. Some girls are very young, some women are over 30, and the majority are ladies of 20 to 25. They do what tough ladies have done since the beginning of time, but in Thailand, they're distinctly different. In the Western sense, they are more of the courtesans rather than prostitutes per se. The fact that a lot of foreigners marry tough ladies speaks for itself. They ain't even called prostitutes, the name is Lady Bar or Bar-Girls. All in all, the girls are free from pimps at face value, and while keeping a degree of modesty, they run their affair of sinless temptations, embracing a time-tested slogan:

Thailand Nightlife Festivities
Thai nightlife delights!
The Strip ౼ South Pattaya Promenade
(and for some)
The Bay of Sweet and Sour Memories
"If you do (what you) love the money will follow."

Case in point - what it takes to succeed (Thai style).

In most cases, the girls work as dancers, entertainers, or hostesses in bars, massage parlors, and the like, providing holidaymakers with a special kind of hospitality service, Thailand is renowned for. Worthy of notice that almost every bar has a so-called mama-san, who ladies regard as an elder sister. Mama-san helps her babes to seduce customers. Bear in mind, most of the bar dancers can't speak too much English. When one takes a girl out, he must pay a bar fine in addition to paying the girl. Elite seasoned girls often act as freelance stalkers hunting for clients in the Hotspots of Bangkok, Pattaya, and other Thai resorts. Thai girls surely have their own intuitively marvelous ways to man's heart. That's why in Thailand foreigners young and aged alike are rarely seen unattended by local folks irrespective of their sexuality (read on).

A myriad of romantic souls is curiously intrigued by the so-called Thailand sex tours or sexual vacations. No wonder, the cheerful attitude, beauty, and sex appeal of Thai women with black silky hair, exotic Asian eyes, and firm sexy bodies that stimulate men's sexual desire are well-known the world over. See for yourself some photos of Sexy Thai Girls, or visit the Thai Ladies page for an abstract introduction and more pics of so exotic, lovely, flamboyant, stunning Thai beauties. There have been cases that sexy girls manage to get sound financial support from their boyfriends, who in the meantime went back home, and send money from abroad believing in their girls. Many ladies, lots of tales about 'Material Girl', romance and intrigue.

Thai Bikini Babes
Bikini Girls Dancers
Go-Go Exotic Dancers

Miss to pay them ౼ run like hell,
and well, let's just say, no mercy,
the response is swift and brutal.

According to Thai law, the age
of consent is 15 and in most cases
Abortions in Thailand
are illegal de jure, though some
laws are blatant and ignored.

Noteworthy facts about
Marriage in Thailand

Is it legal? What's dowry? How come?
For answers, click on the above link.

People have been doing stupid things in search of pleasure since the get-go.

Thai night entertainmentAs tolerant as by far and large Thai public is, Thai people realize that it's all about "easy money", yet disapprove of bargirls, as the social norms are based on a high regard for family values, particularly between parents and children. Albeit that, Thais are rather easygoing of an ancient habit, when a wealthy vigor man possesses mia noi, a second wife in Thai. Not only the status of Thai men and women is unequal de jure, but society is also fractioned socially and people are judged by rich and poor, ones who do have and those that have not. While laziness and a lack of work ethics playing their sad part, the major cause for the young Thai girls to fetch up as bar babes are deprivation. At the root, poverty and deficient education are the key factors that coerce a needy upcountry girl into a life of prostitution.


North Thai Girl
Thai Girl in Traditional Northern Dress

Fiancee visa for Thai girls
Information and Visa Application Inquiries

Thai politico Government officials, to say the least, tend to turn a 'blind eye' attitude to the emergence of Tough Ladies, being aware of the economic contributions the tourist industry brings about, and following the Golden Rule: "He, who has the gold, makes the rules."
A magnitude of Tough Ladies is quite pitiable for the Thai politicians, often called here Politico, themselves infamous for their playboy behavior. Unable to deal with the socio-economic roots of this massive social illness, their rhetoric is blatantly regretful, especially whenever the issue gets out of (their) hands into the spotlight of global media reaching international attention.

A fact of the matter is that mainly in the northeastern provinces poor families with 10???12 or even more kids are forced to "sell" some of them to support, educate, and feed the rest. Some even deem to believe that these children would have a better life away from the deprived family. Lots of abused girls upon becoming pregnant are thrown out of school. Most such girls are bumped into working in bars as there is nothing better for them to do. With the money earned, most girls support their needy upcountry family who's taking care of unparented children while Tough Ladies are at work. Admittedly or not, many more sexy girls take on the same path simply because it is much more profitable. Cases where livelihood takes precedence over virtue.

  "The new government's crackdown on crime includes enforcing closing time rules in the nitery entertainment areas ౼ 2 a.m. for gin mills, 30 min later for constellations (after-hours places). How long this will last is anybody's guess, yet there's no surcease in bakshish. Oh, well.
  "A case of manure (huMAN natURE)."
  - Bernard Trink a.k.a. Bangkok Nite Owl -

To sweep away the country's image as a sex tourism destination, the authorities has launched a clampdown, ordering night entertainment venues to close at 2 a.m. The result of the early closing has been well noticed on Bangkok's leading streets and walkways, as it lured "tough ladies" out strolling around afterward.

Busty Beauties in Massage Parlour
Thai massage parlour beauties

Thai wonders, transvestism in ThailandTransvestism and transgender are constantly gaining hefty popularity in Thailand. In addition to the numerous nightclubs, theatres, and cabarets transexuals are working at, they are also frequent to the common bars, discos, and other popular nightlife Tourist Hotspots primarily in the red-light districts of Bangkok and Pattaya. And regardless of (un)natural beauty, high in stature and lofty in style, illustriously called 'shemale' ladies, they look even more attractive, erotic, and feminine than most of the pretty and fashionably attired girls. After all, it isn't easy to see who that person might be. Therefore, it is just a little wonder that ambitious and oblivious male tourists have been taken advantage of.

Thai exotic nightlifeBeware!
It isn't unusual, once in a while, to get caught in a situation just as weird as it might be. Worse yet, when you're unaware and can't get rid of it.

Thai attractionsApropos, I should also notice a tangible and vivid Thai gay community, especially in Bangkok. But since a lack (for good or bad) of firsthand knowledge in that particular aspect of Thai nightlife, would just mention that there are plenty of conspicuous bisexual nightclubs, prominent gay bars, discos, pubs, and even special beach spots (e.g. northern part of Jomtien beach in Pattaya), where festive foreign guests, by and large, European holidaymakers are hanging out, socializing with the happy locals.

Asian Beauties for Every Taste
Thailand night entertainment
Ladyboy called katoey in Thai

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