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First off, if you already have a website and it is related to Thailand or to travel category sites, seize the occasion and submit your site to www.th4u.com Cool Links Directory. If you wouldn't add your URL, not only we couldn't send traffic your way, but you are also missing out on a great advertising and promotion opportunity.

Web design is a complex discipline involving a wide range of skills

Since you were able to find us on the Web (amongst over 90.000 monthly targeted visitors) and if you endorse the design (the decor and functionality) of the www.th4u.com website, and especially if your business is somehow involved with the tourism, hospitality, or travel-related activities here in Thailand or elsewhere, Email Us your requirements for online presence or to establish business cooperation, representation or joint operation. It would be wise to check out the Introduction title, for the technologies and software applications we put together to bring about quality in a highly functional Web design.

Although the quotes for our Web design packages are still in final preparations (accounting for the organic integration of the page design and Web promotion), your request will be promptly evaluated by our specialists.

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Website Creation and Promotion
Content is the King!

Website design is all about what & how – namely, the site content and the way it is presented. In addition to being both useful and usable, a good web design should also provide clear two-way communication between the site itself and its visitors, enabling active interactions, which in turn instantly transform website visitors into site users and consumers.

To reflect on the significance and complexity of many aspects involved in Web mastering and online promotion, it would be helpful to spotlight several truly essential webmaster resources, programs, and tips.

  • Develop website targeted traffic
  • Will bare submissions to hundreds of search engines cause the traffic to pour into your website? Learn how to achieve top rankings on major search engines with WebPosition Gold.
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    This program provides essential assistance to webmasters, willing and ready to devote a substantial amount of time to learn and implement the proposed methods of promotion.

  • Resources for your website
    1. The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet:

    2. Expert Tips $ Tricks for promoting your business online – home study course
    3. Mailloop - business automation software to handle email auto-responders, marketing integrating databases, and more...
    4. E-Commerce - solutions for getting merchant accounts and the ability to accept online payments
    5. If you have a product or service you want to sell on the Internet, you may want to develop and set up your own Associate Program. This is the least risky and by far least expensive way to acquire new customers.

  • Minimize the website Loading Time
  • Make Web pages load faster, optimize them with the HTML Shrinker

  • Take full advantage of Email technology!
  • Group Mail – Make your email work for you!

  • Find out where things are on the Internet
  • My IP – Address and Location

  • Web Design Tip for Search Engine Promotion via Doorway Pages
  • Doorway pages are highly optimized Web pages created to gain top positions in search engines. As a stimulus, to achieve a superior position for popular keywords on prime search engines, webmasters use a technique of designing the META tags rich, yet fast-loading Webpage. Such a technique could be further enhanced by heavy use of ALT tags in Dot-graphic files. Although, one has to be cautious not to be penalized by search engines for the specious design features, or the overuse of keywords and META tags. While keeping intact the means of implementation for our paying clients and to make a story short, check out the Doorway page promoting Web searches for Thailand Honeymoon and Exotic Vacation Packages.

    To be continued...

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